We offer several standard options for ADA Compliant Shower Pans, including the two pictured here. Plus, with our unique capabilities, we can build almost any custom design.


Our shower pans are specifically designed for maximum durability. Made from our exceptional Solid Surface material, these non-porous pans resist mold, mildew and bacteria. Minimal cleaning is required, drastically reducing maintenance costs. Minor stains and scratches can be easily repaired with a Scotch-Brite® pad.


Pans are made to order and can be
customized to your size, drain location, color and configuration needs.


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ADA Pan with Trench Drain

Roll-in with Trench Drain

This innovative ADA-compliant shower pan allows for roll-in entry with its flat entrance. A minimal Solid Surface water retainer (1/2” with a 1:2 slope ratio) greatly improves upon the trench drain performance by directing the majority of water to the central drain. Any fugitive water is easily corralled with the trench drain just on the other side. When the outside flooring is properly sloped back, the trench also doubles as a floor drain.

This design offers the best water containment (and protection of the rest of
your building from water damage) of any barrier-free design on the market.



Jeff Smith, one of our Regional Sales Managers, demonstrated the Trench Drain design at the 2009 Facility Decisions Expo.

Click here to watch the video.





ADA Pan with Collapsible Bumper

Roll-in or Transfer with

Collapsible Threshold

This ADA Compliant Roll-in or Transfer shower pan features a collapsible bumper that protects the rest of the bathroom by containing water inside the shower. The 1” bumper collapses which allows for transfer access on smaller pans and wheelchair access on larger pans.


Static thresholds are also available.